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By default, CellMapper App does not transmit any data collected to our server. It will only request data for the current/selected provider map. Doing so will submit your IP, Android version, and phone as would visting any other site using and Android based browser.

Mobile App

By using the "live upload" feature or submitting locally calculated data, you agree to send the following information:

  • Current location (latitude, longitude, altitude, bearing) - Known where you are so we can get calculate where is cells
  • Network information (MCC, MNC, LAC, Cell ID, neighbour cells, and network type)
  • CellMapper version
  • Provider/MVNO name
  • If applicable/supported: Any data that appears under a cell (for example, ARFCN, PCI, BSIC, PSC, etc)
  • CellMapper User account information (optional, if logged in app)
  • IP-address
  • Android version information, which is transmitted by the Android operating system when requesting HTTP information (ex. Dalvik/1.6.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.1.2; GT-I9300 Build/JZO54K))


If you like, you can register to our website. Our system not require registration but if you like get more feature like move tower on map and see your statistics you can register. When you register to our system, you accept our terms and privacy policy.

On register form, we collect few things:

  • Username - This will be public on website (on CellMapper Map Account section and TopUsers page) and you use this when you login to CellMapper website or CellMapper Application.
  • Email Address - We use this confirm you have real email address where we can contact if necessary and you can use this email for password reset.
  • Password - You use this secret password login to our site. We will crypt your password when saving data to our database. We highly recommended you do not use same password what you use on other site.
  • Profile Picture' - Picture loaded from Gravatar Service. If you are registered to Gravatar with your email, you will see your own profile picture on CellMapper page. Using Gravatar Service, you will accept their Terms and privacy policy also.


We use cookies on website when you saving settings to your browser like login hash, language settings and other things on website. Also analytics and advertisement system use cookie identify user and keep session on.

When you using our website, you accept our cookie policy.

Analytics and Advertisement

We use Piwik Analytics analyze our website traffic. We save your IP (location), your browser information, language, username, what site you use (example this privacy site).

We use that information make our site and service better. Also we use this data analyzing how much user's use our site and application. We do not sell this information to advertisers or 3rd party companies.

You can prevent Piwik Analytics: enable Do not track settings on your browser settings.


We use Google Advertisement service on Android application and our website. We recommended don't block this advertisement because we use that to cover our server costs. We do this free mostly, spend lots of time and make our application and site faster, adding more feature what you like.

If you see harmfull advertisement, flashing or something else very bad, please send that url (dont' click, use Inspector). Also you can block see that ads again:


If you like more information, contact to