Android App Settings

Here is instruction about Android App Settings

Main Settings

Enable Instant Upload

Default: off

This feature enable Instant Upload (Live Upload). This feature upload all data cells and tower data to server. We recommended use this feature when you have mobile big data package. You can always upload later on Upload & Statistics screen or use Wifi upload feature.

Before enable this, please check our privacy policy.

Wifi Auto Upload

Default: off, will ask on first start up if like enable this.

This feature is similar as Instant Upload but this force upload when you are on WiFi network. We recommended enable this feature.

Before enable this, please check our privacy policy.

Vibrate on Cell ID change

Default: off

Phone will vibrate when cell id change.

Wear Notifications Enabled

Default: on

You can read CellMapper data on your smart clock.

Play notification on Cell ID change

Default: off

Phone will play notification sound when cell id change.

Start on Phone boot

Default: off

Cellmapper Application will start when your phone start up.

Override Volume Controls

Default: off

This disable the volume buttons to prevent accidentally pressing them.

Display in Imperial Units

Default: off

This display speed in MPH instead of KM/H. Altitude in FT vs M.

Output to CSV file

Default: off

This will create a CSV file in your device storage to record data points.

You found CSV files on CellMapper folder on home folder. Files named like signal-yyy-mm-dd.csv . You transfer files to your computer via USB cable example. Some phone maybe prevent access folder, then you need move CSV files with some file manager another folder.

There is information about CSV format.

Dual SIM Support

Default: off

Cannot enable when API 4.2+ enabled!

Enable or disable Dual SIM support for phones what not support API 4.2+. Enabling or disabling this, you need restart application.

Estimated Frequency Bands and Bandwidth

Require Internet Connection. When enabling this feature, application will contact to server get estimate GSM/UMTS/LTE bands and bandwidth information. You see on Cell Screen star (*) after band number when it loaded from server. If your phone support band reading from API, then it use that API instead server data.

Show Hex values

Default: off

Show hex values instead of decimal values for Cell IDs.

Map Settings

Show Towers on Map

Default: on

Show or hide all towers on application map

Show low accuracy towers

Default: off

Show or hides the towers that are considered low accuracy due to insufficient data.

Low accuracy towers can be example one sector towers...

Enable location exclusion (geofencing)

Default: off

Enable this feature, restart app and then go to application map. Long tap location what you want exclude. Then you see purple circle on area what not recorded. On Cell screen you see recording disabled when you are in excluded area.

Geofencing radios (metres)

Default: 300

Set the exclusion radius for the adobe setting. App restart required.

Group Towers

Group tower on app map for less screen clutters and better performance. We recommend enable this feature make map loading faster.

Advanced Settings

Use new Android 4.2 Cell ID API

Default: off (Some latest phones have on by default)

This will use the new cellid API for Android 4.2 and newer phones. Cellid API 4.2 provide more accurate band information from cellular network and band information when phone support that. This doesn't work most Samsung, Huawei and Mediatek Phones before Android 8.

Some manufacture like Samsung not implement new Android Cell ID API in their phones. Also some phones have issues with Android 4.2 API. So we recommended check your phone support on our page. If your phone not in list, please contact to our support with email so we can add to list.

Please check your phone support here.

Check GPS age

Default: on

This increases data accuracy when going thought tunnels/urban areas. Uncheck if you see 'GPS fix too old' even if doesn't.

We recommended keep this enabled increases bad GPS locations or GPS data freezings. This will keep data accurate on map.

Minimum Recording Interval

Default: 5

The minimum number of seconds between data points.

Keep Screen On

Can only disabled when Android API 4.2 enabled. Also cannot disabled when recording CDMA network.

If your phone not support API 4.2, we recommended use on Main Menu "Blank Screen" feature saving battery.

Keep Screen On Brightness

How bright to keep the screen when phone attempts go to sleep.

Record Neighbor Cells

Default: off Record neighbor cell info. Very unreliable unless your phone supports < 4.2 CellID API.

This feature record all neighbor cells and tower info on 2G. On 3G and 4G it will continue recording all info what see you see on cell screen. You will not see neighbor tower's on 3G/4G because phone api not show their cell id:s example.

Suppress Errors

Default: on

This will hide all error popups and dialogs unless they are important.

Hide Unknown Cells

Default: off

Hides cells that have unknown Cell ID on the main screen.

Show cells with frequency data only

Default: off

Show cells that have a valid ARFCN/URFCN/EARFCN on cell screen.

Record cells with frequency data only

Default: off

Record cells that have a valid ARFCN/URFCN/EARFCN on cell screen.

Read logcat for Samsung / Sony Field Test data (root)

Default: off

This will read your logcat output to attempt to get Samsung/Sony field test mode data. Do not enable this if you are using the screen reader method. On newer phones, field test must run in foreground or dual-window mode. Requires root for Android 4.1+ and app restart when changed.

We have also new version if similar feature what not require root. Please check Field Test Reader.

Read Qualcomm LTE data (root)

Default: off

This will read from Qualcomm modems the LTE frequency

Qualcomm modem device

Default: /dev/smd11

This is the modem device CellMapper will use. Application restart required.

Purge uploaded data

Default: on

This will purge uploaded data points from the Cellmapper local database. Locally calculate will still work once this is completed.

Application still keep important points on local database. This should keep on, because CellMapper App will slowdown when database size too large.

Upload Batch Size

Default: 100

Number of data points to upload per request for Upload Later. Change this lower value if upload constantly fails.

Record 2G/3G/4G/5G data

Default: all on

Enable or disable this options enabling or disabling recording this network. Recommended use when phone report incorrect data on some network.

LTE Timing Advance

Default: 78

Multiplier for the raw LTE Timing Advance value reported by Android. The correct value appears to be 150, at least on Android 10 and 11.


Send Debug Info

Creates an email to send the developer debug information about your device. Useful when features are not working on your particular phone.

Use this feature sending debug data to developer. Please always write description and also attach screenshot helping debugs.

If this crash, please send email to support (at) and report this.