Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of CellMapper

This Application collects some Personal Data from its users.

Ownership and Jurisdiction

CellMapper Services Limited
Contact Info:

All data is subject to the laws of Canada, and is governed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

What information do we collect?

The following data is collected from your device:

  • Location data to record your current location and cellular network information, including in the background if you allow
  • Cellular network information such as MCC/MNC/LAC/CID
  • CellMapper version
  • CellMapper Account Data (if signed in)
  • IP-Address (if logging in or uploading)
  • Android Version Information

  • Personal and sensitive information is sent securely over HTTPS from your device to CellMapper servers, this would include data such as location and cellular network information, and is stored securely on our servers.

    Why does CellMapper need so many permissions?

    • "make and manage phone calls" - This is required to get low level network data from your device like the network operator, status of your phone connection, and the current network type
    • "access to device location" - In order to map and contribute, we will need to know where the data was recorded from your device.

    How do we use this information?

    Any data collected is processed and aggregated into anonymized data that is available to others within the app.
    More specifically:
    • Location - used to draw a signal strength tile on the map at this location
    • Network Information - MCC/MNC/LAC/CID are recorded in order to identify a cell tower and be able to plot it
    • IP Address - To remove any vandalism and block malicious users
    • CellMapper version - To remove bad data for specific versions of the app
    • Android Version Information - To remove bad data relating to Android versions

    What information do we share?

    Since all aggregated and anonymized data generated is visible to the public, any tower attributes or data you contribute will be made available to everyone who is able to use the app in an aggregated manner as described in the previous section. Non-aggregated or personal data such as location, network information, and IP addresses will not be shared with anybody except CellMapper staff. The following aggregated personal information is shared with anybody who access the site or app maps:
    • Signal strength at a location for your provider